Statements of Support

The K–12 Computer Science Framework is endorsed by the following stakeholders in the education, research, and business communities. View the statement of support.



Education Organizations



  • Owen Astrachan, Professor of the Practice of Computer Science, Duke University
  • Alicia Beth, Manager, UTeach Computer Science, University of Texas, Austin
  • Miles Berry, Principal Lecturer & Subject Leader for Computing Education, University of Roehampton, UK
  • Rosa Bottino, Director, Italian National Research Council, Institute for Educational Technology
  • Duncan A. Buell, Professor, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, University of South Carolina
  • Quinn Burke, Assistant Professor, Department of Teacher Education, College of Charleston
  • Margaret Burnett, Distinguished Professor, Oregon State University
  • Jill Denner, Senior Research Scientist, ETR Associates
  • Marie desJardins, Professor, College of Engineering and Information Technology, University of Maryland
  • Brian Dorn, Assistant Professor of Computer Science and Community Chair of STEM, University of Nebraska at Omaha
  • Kathi Fisler, Professor of Computer Science, Worcester Polytechnic Institute
  • Joanna Goode, Associate Professor of Education, University of Oregon
  • Jean Gourd, Program Chair of Computer Science, Louisiana Tech University
  • Jeff Gray, Professor Department of Computer Science, University of Alabama
  • Shuchi Grover, Research Scientist, SRI International’s Center for Technology in Learning
  • Helen Hu, Professor of Computer Science, Westminster College
  • Maggie Johnson, Director of Education and University Relations, Google
  • Simon Peyton Jones, Principal Researcher at Microsoft Research, UK
  • Richard Ladner, Professor in Computer Science and Engineering, University of Washington
  • Ed Lazowska, Bill & Melinda Gates Chair in Computer Science and Engineering, University of Washington
  • Harry Roy Lewis, Gordon McKay Professor of Computer Science and the Director of Undergraduate Studies in Computer Science, Harvard University
  • Debbie Marcus, Executive Director of Computer Science Education, New York City Department of Education
  • Fred G. Martin, Professor, Computer Science Director of Student Success, College of Sciences, University of Massachusetts Lowell; CSTA Board Chair-Elect
  • Mark Nelson, Executive Director, Computer Science Teachers Association (CSTA)
  • Tammy Pirmann, Adjunct Professor, Temple University; CSTA Board member
  • Dave Reed, Creighton University, CSTA Board Chair
  • Robert Runcie,Superintendent, Broward County Public Schools
  • Mihaela Sabin, Associate Professor of Computer Science, University of New Hampshire
  • Mehran Sahami, Professor of Computer Science & Associate Chair for Education and Director of Educational Affairs, Stanford University; ACM Steering Committee Chair
  • Deborah Seehorn, CSTA Past-Board Chair
  • Andreas Stefik, Assistant Professor of Computer Science, University of Nevada, Las Vegas
  • Chris Stephenson, Head of Computer Science Education Programs, Google
  • R. Benjamin (Ben) Shapiro, Assistant Professor in the ATLAS Institute and the Department of Computer Science, University of Colorado Boulder
  • Chinma Uche, Teacher, Academy of Aerospace and Engineering and the Greater Hartford Academy of Math and Science; CSTA Board Member
  • Aman YadavAssociate Professor of Educational Psychology and Educational Technology, Michigan State University; CSTA Board Member